Welcome to the download page. It is yet quite empty, but I’ll add more content as I release it.

If you own a flashcart device you can just put the files there to play them on the original hardware. Howewer, if you want to try the games on a computer, you can download a good emulator here.

Screenshot 2

 Eat or be Eaten

The first game I released. It is about a hungry earthworm, trying to get his food, while avoiding the dangerous bird. When eating, it’ll grow bigger, and the goal is to get the length of 30 segments. I included a highscore list so that you can try and beat your own record.

My own record is 30 segments in 2:26 minutes. Let me know if you beat it. ;)



A simple level where you have to navigate fast so that you can run on the box before it breaks by the bomb.

Mee – DEMO 1

An isometric maze game. It is about collecting gold and getting to the goal without dying. To do this, you’ll have to use trampolines, bombs and keys. This is is the first demo version.


BONUS: Super Ball v 0.1 [CANCELLED]

One of the first palib games I made. It’s a Super Mario Galaxy-inspired game that I never completed. The code was too messy, and there were too many bugs. This version features the beginning of the first level.


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