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Libnds – What’s that?

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Since I joined the drunkencoders community I have heard more and more people talking about libnds. After working with palib, which is a DS programming library which uses and simplifies libnds, I feel that it would be nice to learn the real thing. I’ve heard people criticizing a lot of things about palib. I’ve actually considered learning libnds before but I was stopped by the compiler errors I got when trying to compile one of the examples. Today, however, I downloaded the latest libnds version and everything compiles fine. I am especially interested in learning 3d programming after seing some really good-looking examples.

Good Morning World!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Welcome to my new development blog. In many years I have dreamed of creating my own video games. When I was small I made my own RPG:s in lego and had others playing them with the rules I decided.

Over the years I tried lots of different game creation tools like Game Maker and I also learned C and C++. After buying a flash cart for my DS I discovered the great world of homebrew. Finally I found Palib – a quite simple way of making your own DS homebrew. I was really excited when I saw my first “Hello World” text on my own DS. Now I have finally found a way of creating my own games for the DS. Except programming, I also work a bit with game music. I endeavor to make all the graphics and music in my games by myself. And so far I have succeeded (I’ve only released one game ;) ).

In this blog I will post the latest news and previews of my DS games, and maybe some of my music. Hope you enjoy it!