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Isometric maze-game

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

A simple level where you have to navigate fast so that you can run on the box before it breaks by the bomb.

My latest project  is an isometric maze game. It is about collecting gold and getting to the goal without dying. This is the first time I’m utilizing Palib’s 3D sprite system, making it possible to have more than 1000 sprites on screen at once and having bigger than 64×64 sprites. I’m using Palib’s EFS file system to include the levels in the nds file.

Right now I am working with adding water and visible ground. I have considered either having a background underlaying all of the sprites or having one sprite for each part of ground. Here’s a screenshot with sprites as ground:

Screenshot 2

I plan to add a level editor, and if you would like to help creating levels for the final game, just tell me.

Download the first demo of the game here

or read more about it at the palib forum