Libnds – What’s that?

Since I joined the drunkencoders community I have heard more and more people talking about libnds. After working with palib, which is a DS programming library which uses and simplifies libnds, I feel that it would be nice to learn the real thing. I’ve heard people criticizing a lot of things about palib. I’ve actually considered learning libnds before but I was stopped by the compiler errors I got when trying to compile one of the examples. Today, however, I downloaded the latest libnds version and everything compiles fine. I am especially interested in learning 3d programming after seing some really good-looking examples.

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4 Responses to “Libnds – What’s that?”

  1. Jordan says:

    Hmmm. That sounds fun! I’m just getting started with PAlib (Still on the tutorials), but I’m wanting to do a 3D FPS. Can it be done with PAlib? Or should I quit PAlib and start trying libnds?

  2. HvE says:

    I think you should try libnds

  3. s_hansse says:

    Did you achieved anything?
    I had not time to learn libnds lately :(

    At the moment I’m doing a survey to check, what game people want me to programm:


  4. HvE says:

    I have been learning libnds for a while now, but it’s hard due to the lack of good and complete tutorials. I may participate in the Nintendomax DS Dev Competition with a new libnds project, if I find the time. Good luck with whichever project you choose to continue with.

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